How can a sound artist support an area while consolidating his or her career in a more virtuous way? How can an artist be a player in the making of the city? Slash Transition explores the place and role of the sound artist in an area in transition.

Slash Transition project was born from common questions shared by the project partners. Each organization works on a territory in transition (urban, social, economic, ecological, etc.) and questions the place and role of artists in these transformations.

The objective of Slash Transition is to answer these questions: how can a sound artist accompany changes in a territory while consolidating his/her career in a more virtuous way? How can an artist play a role in the fabric of the city?

For four years, a cooperation of seven partners will experiment with these questions. This experimentation will happen within 5 territories in transition: Innsbruck (Austria), Lisbon (Portugal), Nantes (France), Tbilisi (Georgia) and Tunis (Tunisia).

Slash Transition is being run from 2023 to 2027 by Trempo. It is co-funded by the European Union as part of its Europe Creative program.


Launched in 2016, Slash experiments with various projects, new ways of supporting European musicians. Slash is led by Trempo (Nantes, France) with its Musics and Transitions department framework. The platform brings together amazing partners across Europe and more, including cultural centers, universities, municipalities, festivals, radio stations, etc. 

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Two kick-off days in Nantes (France) to launch 4-years-project Slash Transition

On 30, 31 August and 1 September 2023, all the Slash Transition partners gathered in Nantes, France for the project kick off meeting. This brief yet intense couple of days were the opportunity to meet face to face after several(...)

Vidéo · Slash : 18 months, 8 artistes, 3 European cities

Slash Pro­gram — sea­son 2 is now com­plete ! Many Thanks to André Júlio Tur­quesa (Por­tugal), Dena (Bul­garia), Flo/So (France), Gisèle Pape (France), Isa­belle Nguy­en (France), Marta Del Grandi (Italy), Nik­las Runge (Den­mark), Nils Peschanski (France).

Our closing week in Aarhus (DK)

The third and last work­shop of our Slash pro­gram — sea­son 2 ended on May 8. It is now the time to share the high­lights and the pho­tos of this intense and enrich­ing week.

Thomas Cochini, engineer/slasher

Thomas Coch­ini is a seasoned vet­er­an of Trempo. After attend­ing the European Music Incub­at­or pro­gram in 2018, and the Accélérat­eur Cul­ture pro­gram in 2019, he has gone from stu­dent to mas­ter, becom­ing a train­er him­self. This musi­cian – who is(...)