Heart of Noise

Heart of Noise

The Heart of Noise Festival is searching for aesthetic regions outside of mainstream culture and presents alternative genres and impulses of current musical and cultural evolution. The centre of attention of a further conceptually designed festival is on young art and young music culture, media culture and digital art, VJ-art and DJ-culture, in other words the musical and artistic cosmos unfolding around the newest and very latest relevant cultural tendencies.

The Heart of Noise festival has been searching for regions outside of the aesthetic of the cultural mainstream since 2011 and presenting alternative genres and impulses of the contemporary music and art scene. Heart of Noise is not a festival exclusively for concert performances but, above all, is intended to be seen as an event space well beyond a mere venue for concert performances, in which the public space of the city is rededicated into a vibrant space for art and sound. From the accompanying sound installation in the public space and the live scoring of films and other visual materials to the fusion of media art, music and dance in the artistic performance, the approach to contemporary musical culture provides a variety of possibilities for performances. The focus of a more broadly conceptualised festival is on young art and young musical culture, media art and digital art, VJ – art and DJ – culture, in other words, the musical and artistic cosmos that unfolds around the latest relevant cultural movements. Heart of Noise wants to break the mosaic of E and U and reassemble its pieces. We want the temporary autonomous zone, emancipation, resistance, hauntology and hedonism, an extension of the utopia of the total exit, pop life. In this context, the connection between technology, musical cultures and perceptions of the present is discussed, the emancipation and reassessment of subcultures, niches and innovations is attempted, especially in places where the connection between societal differentiations, perceptions of genres and marketing strategies must become visible


Stefan  Meister

Stefan Meister

all functions, we are struggling to be able to pay even one job…

Danijela  Tonkovic

Danijela Tonkovic