Lucie Mesuret: “Sound Documentary, a Tool to Explore Territories”

Training program in Nantes (France): daily report

Immersion in Beato district, Lisbon

Discover the five selected local facilitators for the first round of Slash Transition project!

Discover the five selected artists for the first round of Slash Transition project!

Immersion in Chugureti district, Tbilisi

Local hub diary #4 – Nantes: Between major works and social transformations, Trempo is at the heart of an urban experimentation territory

Local hub diary #3 – Tbilisi: Navigating nature and sound in Tbilisi’s complex urban transition

Local hub diary #2 – Lisbon: Casa Capitão facing transformation and gentrification in the neighborhood of Beato

Local hub diary #1 – Tunis: L’Art Rue wants to explore the Medina while emphasizing the concept of transition in both architecture and sound