Immersion in Beato district, Lisbon

04 March 2024

All along the project, discover the reality behind each experimentation territory with sounds recorded by Mutant Radio.

  • Slash Transition
Immersion in Beato district, Lisbon

Immersion in Beato district, Lisbon

Ben Wheeler from Mutant Radio speaks with Inês Henriques and Mafalda Corrêa Nunes about the Beato and Marvila districts in Lisbon, Portugal.
They explain their connection to the Slash Transition project, the region's history and the way in which artists can play an essential part in the process of urban transition.


Audio production: Mutant Radio
Musics: Necxo – Tiro certeiro (prod. Mundo Segundo), Larie – Dóidóidói, Snake Gr – Ye$$ (prod. Khalifabeats).
Cast: Ben Wheeler / Inês Henriques / Mafalda Corrêa Nunes